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  • Our knowledgeable Service Department will talk you through the entire process before we gain your business! We want you to feel comfortable and at ease knowing that your propane system is in great hands.
  • Our pricing is low maintenance. What you see is what you get!
  • No additional HAZMAT, ADMIN or FUEL SURCHARGE fees!
  • Price Protected Programs start in the summertime!
  • Referral Program = 50 gallons FREE!
How to read your Gauge
Reading your propane tank fuel gauge is not complicated, but can be confusing. First, you must locate the gauge by looking under the lid of your propane tank. There you will find black numbers surrounding the circumference of the gauge and a pointer needle indicating a percentage.

Based on the physical properties of propane, tanks are considered full when the gauge reads 80%, this allows for any expansion of the propane. If your tank falls below 20%, please call Glaser Energy Group to schedule a delivery.
Propane Gauge